Website Assistance

What is the Live On Stage Web Assistance Program?

The Live On Stage Web Assistance Program is designed to help Community Concert Associations(CCA) with limited resources who are loyal clients booking the majority of their concert season with LOS. Every concert association can benefit from an online presence by having a website. The purpose of the program is to empower the concert association to be able to advertise and market themselves on the internet using a web platform that is easily maintained by an active member of the board of directors with limited web design knowledge.

What does the LOS Web Assistance Program include?

  • Domain Name Assistance:

    • Assistance choosing and registering a domain name (the web addresses visitors type into their browsers).

    • Domain name management if the concert association chooses to use the LOS registrar.

  • Hosting Account:

    • Currently includes 1GB of web site hosting server space.

  • Web Site Platform:

    • Basic installation of the latest version of WordPress.

      • A web platform allowing online site updates and content management.

    • A standard WordPress theme (look and feel of the site) chosen by LOS.

Basic Site Content:

  • Three (3) standard pages plus an ‘Artists’ category:

    • A ‘Home’ page welcoming your visitors.

    • An ‘About Us’ page giving a brief description of the history and mission of the concert association.

    • A ‘Tickets’ page containing the downloadable mail-in subscription form or link to online ticketing.

    • A link to information about the ‘Artists’ in your concert series.

      • (Contains individual artist pages for your current concert series)

  • One standard customizable side bar.

  • Customized header text.

  • One standard header graphic chosen by LOS.

    • Advanced accordion graphic available for additional fee.

  • A standard footer layout

  • Site Access:

    • One standard login to the site reserved for an authorized board member to logon and make updates.

  • Training:

    • A one hour training session with an authorized board member, giving them the knowledge needed to make updates to the site.

  • Support:

    • Standard business hours phone support.

    • Discounts on seasonal artist series updates.

    • Discounts on website customization.

      • Interactive advanced sliding accordion header.

      • Fully customized website designed to your organization’s specific needs.

      • Other customization options such as homepage artist series-at-a-glance, venue map, social media links, etc.