The Live On Stage Arts in Action and Horace Davenport Memorial Scholarships

2019 Scholarship Winners


What is it?

The ARTS IN ACTION and HORACE DAVENPORT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Awards are available to university/college-bound high school seniors or current university freshmen, sophomores or juniors seeking a career path in the entertainment arts.  This includes vocal or instrumental performance, theatre/acting, theatre/technical, or music business.

The ARTS IN ACTION Scholarship program started in 2005 and has awarded 19 scholarships to talented students across the country.  A percentage of the money from the Star Education Outreach Program is donated to the scholarship fund.  Two scholarships are awarded each year and applicable beginning in the Fall Semester.

The HORACE DAVENPORT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD started in 2013 and is named for Matt Davenport’s late father.  The scholarship is funded entirely through a silent auction held at the Live On Stage National Conference.  One scholarship is awarded each year and applicable beginning in the Fall Semester.

How does it work?

A local concert presenter affiliated with, and currently receiving concert services, with Live On Stage, Inc., must sponsor applicants.  Applicants with financial need will receive priority consideration, but it is not a prerequisite. Each applicant should submit the following required materials:

  • Current name, address, phone and email (if available).

  • Current high school or university transcript, including GPA and course work.

  • TWO letters of recommendation specifically tailored to “why” the candidate should be selected

  • ACT/SAT scores (whichever is applicable)

  • Indication as to financial need (if any)

  • University or college that the candidate has been accepted or is attending

  • Major of choice

  • 1-2 page essay by candidate regarding the impact that he/she would like to make in entertainment arts

  • Any relevant CD/video recordings of applicant

Optional Materials to Submit:

  • Performance/professional resume (if applicable)

  • Any additional information that the candidate feels would enhance his/her consideration (including professional/volunteer work)

Send all applicable materials listed above to:

Live On Stage, Inc.


P.O. Box 148237

Nashville, TN 37214

2019 APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 22, 2019


 Scholarship Committee

(615) 672-7060