A synthesis of music, comedy, and technology, AudioBody’s performance is an electronic journey into an unknown realm of seriously spectacular entertainment.

In 2004, brothers Matt and Jason Tardy created AudioBody whose music was picked-up by internationally-acclaimed filmmakers, EepyBird and featured in two Emmy nominated videos depicting The Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments.  Building on this new-found popularity, the 17-year veteran physical comedy team added a masterful blend of humorous acts and futuristic sounds for a new show which has been featured on the CBS Sunday Morning, The Early Show and Late Show with David Letterman.

Incorporating an arsenal of audio-visual inventions, AudioBody’s performance includes electronic jumpsuits that play music as they move, LED light tubes manipulated at high speeds in the dark, a 16’ wide electronic drum set and fluorescent light ropes that form the shapes of sound waves.  The Oddfellow Theater referred to them as “Blue Man Group meets the Smothers Brothers.”  Along with countless other unique performance gadgets, Audiobody will surprise and amaze audiences with the sights and sounds of modern-day technology.







Note: High Resolution video files will be mailed with the marketing and campaign materials in January.